C is for...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My first post is going to be of something I love (or rather am obsessed with) - CUPCAKES!

Why do I love cupcakes?
They are awesome
Cupcakes are cute
The are controlled portions (who cares about that though)

They are awesome

I've dabbled in a number of varieties. From 10 cent cupcake sales at Burkett to homemade ones with that Rainbow icing. Oh, and I can't forget the time I tired to make Sprinkles cupcakes without a mixer. But my favorite ones thus far are from a little place in Lincoln Park, IL called Swirlz.
What is not to love about Swirlz cupcakes. Their slogan is even "Cupcakes Make People Happy." Two red thumbs up for their Red Velvet cupcake.
View the delicious-ness here: http://www.swirlzcupcakes.com/

Yes - C also stands for cookie. I am dying to try some from Elieni's in New York. They are just so darn expensive, I have yet to pull the trigger. If you take a peek at the detail this chick puts into her final product, it is insane.
Total Cuteness: http://www.elenis.com/

(Photos from Swirlz & Eleni's)