"That is my Sharpie - it has my name on it"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am not sure who started the trend of customization, but I LOVE it.

While I haven’t personalized anything for myself, there are a ton of companies and sites out there that allow you to customize almost anything. I read that this movement started because people refer to everything as “my (fill in blank).” I do this myself. If you have ever had the privilege of allowing me to tour you around Chi-town, you will hear me say “That’s my Chipotle, that’s my Starbucks, that’s my Anthropologie…”

Here are some of my favorite sites that allow you to make their product your own.

My Fruit Roll Up: If I was a 10-year-old (which my boyfriend says I act like sometimes), I would love this in my lunch. A customized Fruit Roll-up:

My Candy: Then there are the M&M’s that are advertised everywhere. My former boss proposed to his girlfriend with these things.
http://www.mymms.com/ (photo from mymms.com)

My Tissues: I actually worked on the launch of this - personalized Kleenex boxes. I think this is perfect for weddings or a kid’s artwork. Since I have neither planned, I would consider making a box to match my bedspread! http://www.mykleenextissue.com/
(photo from mykleenextissue.com)

Board Game: If you are like me and LOVE board games, this is for you (or someone you know likes board games!)
http://www.tdcgames.com/MYO.htm Its a make your own Monopoly.

Bobble Head: You can be like Dwight on the office!


Last, but not least….

Sharpies: I think that my co-workers would chip in to buy me this, because “I only write with Sharpies.” I am OBSESSED with Sharpies. Right now I have 14 of them on my desk.
(photo from site below)https://secure.newellrubbermaid.com/sanford/consumer/sharpie/personalizesharpie/personalize_landing.jhtml

Personalize away!