I will use chalkboard paint

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I will use chalkboard paint
I will use chalkboard paint
I will use chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is like one of the best recent inventions next to the ipod. This stuff is fantastic.

I started seeing people use the paint in magazines on things like terracotta pots. One idea involved spraying the pots and then writing someone’s name on it as a place card for a dinner party. You could top it off with a cute pack of seeds.

After seeing some recent work, it is safe to say that chalkboard paint has “arrived” into the world of cool things with the Carol Crafties of the world. Here is some proof.

Wood Items (image from joanne.com)
Picture Frames: Ikea sells those cheap wooden picture frames. You could totally spray paint those and then write things on them. My boss actually has one with her son’s picture in it that someone probably paid like $12 for. DYI it for like $7 max (and you could probably make more than one and sell it at the Holy Trinity Craft fair for like $8 each).

Tray: This would be totally cute to write a little breakfast in bed message on. Or if you are having a party, you could customize the message to be like “Go Steelers,” or “Happy Birthday.” I’m just sayin’.

There are many more wood things like tissue boxes, bird houses, etc. Same goes for paper Mache items.

Vases (image from iloveuma.com)
I personally wouldn’t pay $40 plus shipping for this when you can totally make it after a quick trip to Pat Catan’s.

Wall Art (image from Martha Stewart.com)

Of course Martha has out done us all with chalkboard paint. Check out this wall calendar she did for a home office. Outstanding.

I also entertain the thought of doing the M.S. idea on a bare kitchen wall. You could buy a picture frame and then spray paint the wall inside. That so much more chic than those chalkboards you find at Office Max.

If you decide to buy some of this wonderful paint, may I suggest the kind that is magnetic. I mean if you painted a wall with that stuff, you could totally buy some cute magnets to hang things on. Super fun.