5 dresses

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have yet to see the movie "27 Dresses," and I really don't care if I do. I am the owner of five dresses, so I sorta know how that whole 'maid thing goes down.
Regardless if the film sucks, the public relations department behind the movie “27 Dresses” gets two thumbs up from me. I’ve read so many stories across the country that spawned from this movie…the Chicago Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Houston Chronicle, etc. All asked local women how many weddings they have been part of (or as they say in Chicago “stood up in”), show off their horrible dresses and enlisted trend experts to discuss new dress styles for 2008.

The story in the Chicago Tribune made me chuckle. They created 27 things you can do with an old bridesmaid dress.

Here are the top eight things:

1. Table runner
2. Pillow
3. Lamp shade
4. Apron
5. Coasters
6. Eye pillow
7. Cover of photo album
8. Quilt

I love the whole “trash the dress” trend that is on the upswing. If you aren’t familiar, brides, bridesmaids and even high school prom goers are donning their formal attire one more time. But this repeat performance involves rolling around in mud, jumping in pools or fountains and even food fights. Check out this site for some super cool pictures:

Of course these are some pro photographers, but you can totally do this with your own diggy.
One more solution for old dresses involves my favorite television obsession – Project Runway. I sit here and watch countless marathons of the show and each episode I find myself thinking, “I could so make that.” Why not invite former bridesmaids over and challenge them to make their best runway ready outfit from a former dress. Purchase sequins, gems and paints from a craft store. Or to really spice things up, give guests some time to sketch and then take a field trip to your local version of Mood.

If none of these ideas above entice you, there is always a local charity that accepts bridemaid dresses to help girls who are attending prom. I've coulenteered for The Fairy Godmother Foundation in Chicago and I totally recommend it. Check your local listings!

(photos by Brandi*)