Super Sweet 26-teen

Friday, February 22, 2008

As we approach Brandi* Day, I wanted to reminisce on last year’s joyous Super Sweet 26-teen party.

It was an all out drunk fest at Rolands in a snow storm. Attendance was down due to weather, but overall alcohol consumption was up.

Super Sweet 26-teen Before Picture

Let’s pretend for a second that I am Ivanka Trump. If I was going to celebrate my Super Sweet 26-teen I would have done things a little differently. Here is how I would have executed the party with an endless budget.

Super Sweet 26-teen AFTER

Location, Location, Location: What place is more perfect for a Super Sweet 26-teen than Dylan’s Candy Bar? I mean the title of the place alone has too of the best words in Webster’s Dictionary – CANDY and BAR.

How Many Licks? The invitations for this are simple. I would use Dylan’s giant lollipops with little invites attached. People will be sucking on these from the time they arrive, until the party starts.

Hold the Tiara. Unless you are Queen Elizabeth or Miss America, you shouldn’t be wearing a cheesy tiara at any time (well, maybe New Year’s Eve). I am sorry if that statement offended anyone, but my Super Sweet 26-teen attire would not include a tiara – unless I was Miss America. For my attire, I wouldn’t need to fly off to a crazy place, rather walk less than 10 blocks to BCBG – they make the best party dresses. This event calls for a bold color and I love yellow dresses and right now I am OBSESSED with rosettes.

Candy Coated Carpet. Rather than a red carpet, I would request that candy be placed in a plexi-glass floor so that guest would walk in on gumballs and colorful candies.

Let Them Cake. No candy party would be complete without a candy buffet. There would be special booth set up for guests to make their own cotton candy, a chocolate fountain and DYI ice cream booth.

Liquid Candy. There are a TON of colored cordials that were created because adults desire the candy flavors. Therefore, the colorful liquids would be flowin’. Here is a sample (from drinksmixer):

Jolly Rancher
2 parts vodka
1 part melon liqueur
Cranberry juice
Pour vodka and melon liqueur into a cocktail shaker, and fill with cranberry juice. Shake, pour over ice in a highball glass, and serve.

Liquid Snickers1 part Dark Creme de Cacao
1/2 part Irish cream
1/2 part Frangelico
1/2 part Light cream
Pour Creme de cacao, Irish cream and Frangelico liqueur over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Top with light cream, stir and serve.

Surprise Guest. This is a tough call. I love so many artists – Bon Jovi, Snoop, Pearl Jam…I think I would actually surprise a lot of people and go with Miley Cyrus. I wouldn’t want her to play a lot of songs, but most of her music is upbeat and fun. I hope Billy Ray won’t mind that there is going to be a lot of alcohol at this shin dig.

Daddy! I want a carrrrrrrrr. Of course my dad would get me the black Range Rover I’ve been drooling over. Elmer would roll over in his grave.

Gift Bags. While the gift bags received huge publicity because of the massive things given away at award shows, I am going to bring it back to old school birthday parties and give guests a gift in a water bottle. Inside they will get a spinning toothbrush (from all the sweets), candy, maybe some Candies shoes (if they have any cute ones) and cute Juicy underwear in the shape of a lollipop.

A girl can dream.