Friday, February 15, 2008

This year I decided to wait until the Chinese New Year (year of the Rat) to determine my 2008 resolutions. There is just something about Jan. 1st that makes it hard to commit. Maybe it’s the holiday hangover or the cliché resolution stories.

So here are my 2008 resolutions. I’ve made 8 to be realistic (and cute).

1. Run a Race. This has been a goal of mine for the last three years. I have never been a runner, but am learning. I have never been a runner. As a matter of fact, I used to just about die during the high school mile. Last year I was totally on track to run a 5K, but then I broke my finger. I know you are probably thinking this is a lame excuse, but until you spend 8 weeks in finger rehab, don’t judge. Also – it was the right ring finger which has pulse points. So when I would go out in run, my finger would out of control throb.

Goal is simple: run the Great Race in Pittsburgh. I am taking applicants to join me : )

2. Save Money. Here is the cliché resolution. But for the last month, I’ve started to not spend $1. This is something I learned from my potentially gay ex-cop boyfriend (in addition to not always trusting breathalyzers because sometimes the battery is dead). I’ve not spent change for the last three years, but I am upping the ante with $1. I am up to like $60 some dollars already. That is big for a girl who rarely spends cash too.

3. Connect with One Friend a Month. Outside my circle of five, I need to make sure I am calling college, high school and family more. I set this low because I know sometimes it is hard to connect.

4. Volunteer More. My goal is to clock in 50 hours of time. And yes, bar happy hours benefiting a cause count.

6. Take a Vacation. Like any late 20’s gal, trips these days are for an occasion like a wedding or bachelorette party. This year, I would love to just take a vacation for no reason. Maybe even a week! (vacation mode to the right)

7. Write One Letter a Week. "Ayo. I'm tired of using technology" This kinda connects to number three. I preach all the time how sick of technology I am. Nothing peeves me more than when Jillian texts someone that she is picking up that she is outside of their house. PICK UP THE PHONE. Back to my resolution…with email, we forget about good old-fashioned letter writing. Well I am bringing it back like Justin brought Sexy.

8. Cook Dinner Once a Week. Brady and I aren’t restaurant whores, but when I work late it is so easy just to pick up food or meet for dinner. Last night, I was able to whip up a fantastic four course meal in 35 minutes – so this can be done.

Update on these will be provided in December.

(photo from umaine.edu)