Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today, Sidney Crosby turns 21.

Number 87 of the Pittsburgh Penguins was born 21 years ago today - on 8/7/87 (thanks Tribune Review).

Sid the Kid becomes a man and I can finally stop feeling like such a cougar for drooling over him.

So on this Thirsty Thursday, I will reveal Sid’s beverage of choice.

Iron City Beer? Nah, that is wishful thinking for us Pittsburghers.

Molson? While it may be “Canada’s Favorite Brewery,” it isn’t a favorite of Sid’s.

Captain Morgan? Sid captains the Penguins, but doesn’t ride on this ship.

The legal drinking age in Sid’s homeland of Canada is 19, therefore, I The Kid can already hold his own by sipping on some...

According to Canada.com, Sidney is spending the off-season at home in Nova Scotia, but his first legal beverage in the states will most likely be….whisky. And my heart-throb enjoys Crown Royal – he fits perfectly right into my family. My future husband also mentions that he likes Jack Daniels as well.

While Sid sips from a rocks glass today, let’s hope he rings in 22 by sipping from a large cup. The Stanley Cup.

(Sources: Canada.com, sidcrosby.blogspot.com)