The Art of Picnicking

Monday, August 11, 2008


(p k n k-nicking) Verb - to eat or take part in a picnic Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my Martha Stewart picnic basket for a spin at the Oak Street Beach. My wonderful boyfriend and new bocce set also joined in on the fun. We spent the afternoon munching on some cheese and crackers, while drinking juice boxed wine. The perfect little Sunday.

I love the concept of picnicking, but dining a la fresco means you need to be prepared.
Below is a list of items to make sure you have on hand:- garbage bags
- plastic cups
- napkins, napkins and more napkins
- rocks (to hold down your blanket, napkins, etc.
- water to clean reusable items
- bug spray
- band aids
- moist toilettes
- ice
- sunscreen
- antibacterial gel (to wash hands before eating)
- camera
- entertainment (such as books, magazines, bocce, etc.)

Here are some picnicking tips:
* Don’t be afraid to spend some cash on a good blanket. This is the base of your party! Make sure it is water resistant.
* Pack your basket so that the items you need first are at the top.
* Drink boxed wine – no cork!
* Consider turning your picnic into a make-your-own kite party. Give out prizes to the most creative kite and the one that flies the longest.
* Don’t waste money on icepacks. Fill sturdy plastic sandwich bags with water and freeze.
* Avoid recipes with mayonnaise – it tends to spoil quickly. However, pocket a few mayo packs from Subway and bring them along to compliment your sandwich.
* Make food on a stick, like kabobs. That way, you don’t need a plate to eat!
* Perfect picnic foods include vegetable sticks, trail mix, sliced fruit and cheese
* To avoid soggy bread, don’t make sandwiches ahead of time. Bring meat, cheese and veggies in individual bags and assemble on site. This will also allow your fellow picnickers to customize their meal.
* Keep your cooler or picnic basket in the shade if possible.
* If your picnic is at night, bring candles to set the mood. Be careful not to knock over your candle! Only you can prevent picnic fires.