The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

Monday, December 22, 2008

If you haven’t noticed, I am using lines from the classic Christmas movie “Elf” as my subject of my gift postings. J Bo and I still crack when Will Ferrell climbs the escalator in those yellow tights.

Sometimes hearing what other people want for Christmas inspires you to add things to your list or sparks ideas for your family and friends. Today, I feature items that are on some my dear readers’ gift lists.

Amy: Crate & Barrel gift cards to purchase a new coffee table.

Brady: Snow boots

Brian: A nice TV

Dana: A flip video camera and new bag

Sacks: Pimped out digital camera

Trish: WVU Tire Bowl tickets and a new laptop (Brandi* would actually like a new WVU Football coach)
ME: A blinging guitar for Guitar Hero and a beach cruiser bike

I started making Christmas lists for my parents again back in 2005 because I asked for just money and my mom still felt the need to buy me presents, many of which I returned, so that I had something to open on Christmas Eve. Oh yes, Christmas Eve (we will get back to that). Brady thought that my lists were a little dumb until he realized that I actually get things that I want, wear and use. While you might feel a little cheesy making a list for your family, it gives them options and ideas. I recommend putting about 20 things on there – it gives everyone a nice selection and they will have some left over ideas for your birthday.

The Bonkowski girls open our gifts on Christmas Eve because “Santa stops first at our house because the children are extra good.” It’s our little tradition.

(Ethically, my journalism degree tells me that I probably should have got everyone’s permission to publish this list on my blog, but guess what!? The only people that read this are those who have my blog link and others sent here from Brian’s blog!)