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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sometimes I fret over finding the perfect gift. Other times, I just buy something and trust that the giftee will return the present if they don’t like it.

With Christmas around the corner, here are some ideas for people those people that see to “have it all.”

Tickets: If you know an upcoming band of performance is coming up that the receipent enjoys, the experience of going to a concert is a great gift. Also consider events like “Dancing with the Stars” and sporting events. (p.s. I wrotethis before J Bo came up with the awesome parents gift idea - great minds think alike)

Dates: If it’s your significant other that has everything, create the “12 Dates of Christmas.” Give your loved one 12 different things to do. From movie, bowling and play tickets to dinner gift cards, your man or lady friend will love the creativity and it will give you plans to break the winter blues.
Food & Alcohol: Let’s face it. We all need to eat and drink. Why not buy the person some gift cards for places they enjoy dining, bars they frequent or the local grocery store. This is one area where I feel gift cards are welcome. If you know their favorite beverage, pick up that spirit or a bottle of fine wine. A lot of spirits companies sell special holiday-themed gift sets this time of year.

Monthly (fill in the blank) Club: More than ever, there are a ton options out there for monthly clubs where your gift recipient receives something in the mail. My favorites include flowers, wine, beer, cocktail mixers (Stirrings), cookbooks, movies, steak, fruit, chocolate, tea…the list keeps going. Pick something your friend of loved one likes or they want to learn more about – like wine.

Charity: For those unlucky readers that need to buy something for a person that is super-rich, when in doubt, donate to a charity in that person’s name. Brady’s little mustache thing introduced me to DonorsChoose.org and let me say I am obsessed. Searching though what America’s teachers are looking for is heartbreaking. For example, a teacher here in Chicago was raising money to buy her class the Queen Latifia anti-gang violence book. I had to pry myself away or else I was going to spend the weekend begging for money on Michigan Ave.

Click back this week for some more gift ideas.

(Picture source: Parents.com)