Lips with the Furrrrrrr

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Chances are, if I ask most of you to describe my man friend Brady in three words, “trendsetter” wouldn’t be one of them. In fact, it probably wouldn’t even come up in the top 20 words my dear readers spit out.

For the second straight year, Brady is growing some lip fur for charity. That’s right folks; Mustaches 4 Kids (M4K) has sucked my boyfriend in for a second straight season.

Mustaches 4 Kids is a simple charity. For several weeks starting in November, guys in across the U.S. grow mustaches. Friends and family help the grower by giving cash to support the stash. Last year, all profits went to Off the Street Club, but this year the grower can pick a non-profit. The Chicago M4K chapter meets weekly at stashe’ check-points where the organization takes pictures to show the progress.

The organization was obliviously created so people would ask the grower “why do you have that hair growing above your lip,” but no one realized in 2008 a mustache would be in fashion. For instance, Brad Pitt rocked the lip carpet on “The Today Show” last week and his fellow “Sexiest Man Alive” George Clooney has been sporting a lip blanket.

Readers, I ask you to give my boyfriend a Lincoln so that he can shave the damn thing off on Dec. 16th. Please. When he says that he is doing this for the kids, it is starting to scare me because he looks like a child molester.

I know times are tough, but you can donate here: