Beef: It's What's For Tailgating

Monday, September 07, 2009

If you've been to a Bonkowski tailgate, then chances are you've sampled some of my mom's famous Italian Beef.

Yeah, yeah, my Chicago readers are rolling their eyes thinking "nothing compares to a Chicago Italian Beef..." but this recipe is good. So good in fact that it was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (thanks to Mrs. Tracy!). Here's the link:

I think the record goes to Steve for eating three or four of these in the course of one tailgate. I'm sure he passed out during that duration as well.

Sue Bonkowski's Italian Beef
3-4 lbs top sirloin round roast
1 jar peperoncini (remove stems) including juice
1 can beer (mom uses Coors Light)

Bake about 5 hours in a crockpot

The round roast can be kind of expensive, so stock up on it when its on sale and freeze it. Oh and you can make the beef and then freeze it for awhile. This recipe may sound a little intimidating, but I was able to make it for the awesome 2009 Super Bowl!