Ice, Ice, Bowl

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

During last week's post on punch, I mentioned that that ice bowls are easy to make. While I’ve never made one myself (yet), the directions look pretty simple. However, I would suggest putting these on display outside, so they don’t melt in your house.

Make your own Ice Bowl (from the queen of all things Martha Stewart)

What You’ll Need:
· 2 glass or stainless steel bowls (one should fit inside the other)
· Garnish of choice (edible flowers, herbs, orange, lemon or lime slices, etc)
· Water
Directions:· Add the garnishes to the large bowl
· Place the small bowl inside the larger bowl
· Pour water between the bowls to ½ from the top
· Add more garnishes to the top
· Freeze overnight
· Let stand at room temperature on a dish or towel until the bowls separate easily (10-20 minutes)
· Lift the top bowl
· Flip over the bottom bowl to remove your ice bowl
· Freeze a little more if needed
· If your food should be dry, put a glass bowl inside your awesome ice bowl
· Place a dish towel or tray underneath to catch drips

(Photo & directions from Martha Stewart)