Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raise your hand if you have a halloween costume?

No hands? Well I have some ideas!!

And for one of the most anticipated Shot of Brandi posts of the year, I give you my 2010 Halloween Costume Selections!

Let’s start out with the Internet Meme’s
· Antone Dodson: You’ll be raping everyone with this costume. One of the most popular meme’s of the year was the Atone Dodson interview (watch here and here if you haven’t see it), this is easy to pull off with a black tank top, bandana and wig. You can also pull it off by purchasing one of these shirts from zazzle. (image source)

· Double Rainbow: Another hilarious video that’s a bit better to watch after a few glasses of wine, there are two ways to pull off this meme. The first, from J Bo, would be to dress as Bear, the guy from the video, himself. The second, my silly way, would be to dress in all black with two carboard rainbows attached to yourself. Bonus points for using glitter!! You’ll have people asking “What does it mean?” (image source)

Pop Culture

· Stink Bug: They climbin in your windows and snatching your people up and I'm not talking about the rapist in Lincoln Park. I'm talkin STINK BUGS. This is an easy one. Wear all brown, brown wings and anteannas. (image source)

· Tiger’s Mistresses: Meow. Pull out your finest from that college pimp & hoe’s party and get a group of your gal pals to huddle around a male golfer wearing the iconic red shirt and black pants. (image source)
· Lindsey Lohan: While I typically shy away from the norm costumes, Lindsey could be fun to pull off. This basically gives you a get-out-of-jail free card (pun intended) to get really, really drunk. Bonus points for wearing a faux SCRAM bracelet. (image source)

· Tea Partiers: This one came to me the other day and it could be pretty funny. Just make radical protest signs and drink a lot of sweet tea vodka! (image source)
TV & Movies

· Glee: Two good ideas here – Cheerios and Sue Sylvester. The Cheerios cheerleader outfit may be a little tough to make authentic, but Sue should be easy. Just get together your best ADIDAS track suit. (image source)
· Boardwalk Empire: Pull out your flapper gear and gangster suits! The flapper costume has been making a big comback and with all the ruffle and fridge dresses at H&M I recommend skipping the costume store on this one! Guys - rent a suit. (image source)

My last peice of Halloween advice - If you’re gonna go GaGa, Michael Jackson, Jersey Shore, Brittney Spears or any of the usual suspects, go FULL Gaga, MJ, Britt Britt, etc. Don’t half ass it.

P.S. - my costume isn't up here, but a stink bug was in the top three : )