Bra Bra Bra Brahh Brahhh

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

In October, a lot of attention is placed on boobs. Everywhere you look, things, places and people turn pink. So I thought that I would draw some attention to the breasts today with a little bra feature.

Gone were the days when a bra’s sole function was to hold up your boobies. Welcome multifunctional over-the-shoulder boulder holders.

· Bra Wallet: While I think “Brallet” we would be a better name, this little device keeps your money and ID warm in your cleve. I wonder if it will store my cell phone too?

· Wine Rack: Yes, the pun was intended. My most favorite multi-purpose bra is the wine rack. You place your favorite drink of choice into the pouch over your books and voila – you just snuck a bottle of wine into a football game. This bra could put the secret into Victoria’s Secret.

And possibly the strangest bra yet…I give you the Bra Mask. The winner of last year’s Nobel Peace Prize in Public Health (I cannot make this up) won the award for a bra that doubles as a gas mask.

Victoria's Secret should have totally came up with these ideas in a special "Secret" section.