Monday, October 11, 2010

So you’ve heard of Bring Your Own Beer, Bring Your Own Bottle, but Bring Your Own Meat?

While on a search for the end of the internet, I stumbled upon this invitation for a Bring Your Own Meat party. Wouldn’t this be an awesome party to throw to christen a new grill!?

That got me thinking…what other kind of BYO parties could you throw?
Cereal: Maybe for a kid’s or adult slumber party? I recommend mixing Cinnamon Toast Crunch with some Lucky Charm Marshmallows and Chocolate Rice Krispies for a little smore’s combo.
Cheese: Great for a BYOB of Wine party.
Pasta: Perfect for those that like noodles, shells or rigatoni!
• Wrapping Paper: During Christmas, invite your friends over for a wrapping party. This can be done if you don't have a lot of big boxes or gifts. OR if your friends need to secreatly wrap presents from family members!
Cookie Cutter: Add this to the wrapping paper party – get your baking done at the same time.

(Sources: The Design Cubicle via Niki Brown – Photo from Niki Brown)