Fashion Friday: Best Dressed Walls

Friday, November 19, 2010

For the last year, I’ve been straight up obsessing over illustrations. Specifically, fashion drawings and sketches.

I’m totally head over heels in love with Caitlin McGauley, Dallas Shaw and Jenny Bowers, but today I wanted to focus someone else: Kristina Hultkrantz.

I kept toying with the idea of a custom, fashionable illustration for a gift – I would request it in a jpeg so that the recipient could get it made into stationary, a frame-able print, etc. Thoughts?
I also love the idea of buying a few of the prints and staggering them in a room or even bathroom.

There are tons of illustrators out there, but here are some of my favs.

I think my number one illustrator crush would need to go to Caitlin McGauley. I just don’t want to feature her so much today because I think I already wrote about her goodness. Look and drool.

I must mention Jenny Bowers who does beautiful work for Kate Spade

Dallas Shaw is an illustrator who does work for a number of people in the fashion industry, Dallas also sells prints on her Etsy page. She also writes an awesome blog.