Man Week: Lessons on Being a Man from My Man

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not only is it day two of Shot of Brandi Man Week, but it’s also the 30th birthday of my man – Mr. Brady Smith.

When you think of the word “man,” Brady totally comes to mind. So if you are looking for tips to think more like a dude or ways to “man up,” take this advice I’ve created by looking at my better-half.

1. Watch Sports. Watch a lot of sports. Read about sports.· When you want to talk coaching decisions, the college top 25 or fantasy draft picks – Brady is your man. He eat, drinks and breaths sports. BUT one thing that makes him stand out over the rest in sports talk at the bar is that he understands the business of sports. Like the business effects of conference realignment.

2. Play recreational sports.· Brady dominates the world of adult intramurals. Join a league and have beers with the guys after. And girls – let you guy play alone. It’s nice to have “girl time” while the guy is playing dude sports. While you may get mad at his late night bar trips with the team, this a good time for secret shopping trips, long baths and marathon phone calls with gal pals.

3. Tell your woman that she is right. Don’t pick fights. Befriend your woman’s friends.· This is a no brainer. Other halfs like it when you tell them that they are right.
· Brady is a lover – not a fighter. He doesn’t like to let a fight last 24 hours. Resolve fights right away. Man up when you are wrong.
· Don’t start battles with your significant other’s best friends. You may not win. Befriend them. It makes things easier.

4. Watch cheesy TV and listen to pop music.
· Not only will it score you brownie points for watching “Glee” and “Teen Mom” with your wifey, but letting her listen to her radio station or mix CD helps too. As my sister said “happy wife, happy marriage,” but watching these things with your lady helps you stay current on pop culture trends – which totally helps at the water cooler.

5. Dance your pants off.· Just because you are all man doesn’t mean you need to hang out at the bar while others are getting down on the dance floor. While Brady is all man, he knows how to bust a move.

6. Love bands before they get cool.· A sometimes guitar player, Brady enjoys reading about music and listening to new bands. This is why he loves him some Lollapalozza. This tip allows you to say in the future "I was a fan of them before they got cool."

7. Drink beer or a COCKtail.· No martinis for Brady. He sticks to the drink of champions – beer. He’s a fan of dabbling in specialty brews or less common bottles too. If he is feeling fancy, Brady turns to whisky (it puts more hair on the chest).

8. Don’t join the bandwagon.· Pick a sports team and stick to it. The Redskins suck, but Brady’s still always been a fan. Same with the Phillies and the Flyers.

9. Grow facial hair.· Nothing says man more than facial hair – or any body hair for that matter.

10. Get a hot wife.· Sorry – I had to : )

Happy Birthday, Brady!!