Writing on the Wall

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Have you ever felt the urge to just graffiti something? I’m not talking spray paint to a bridge, but just leaving your mark on say wet concrete?

Well, event planners are officially bringing a technology to parties that allows your to let your presence be known. Let me introduce you to digital graffiti.

I first spotted this gem at a Chanel fashion week event via Biz Bash. A number of oversized screens were placed around the room. Graffiti artists were on hand to work with guests to create original artwork using Chanel-branded paint cans that interacted with the screens.

The digital graffiti at the event was managed by a Tangible Interaction – a Canadian company that “works to create a full-on sensory experience in the everyday world.”

I love this idea of using something interactive to keep guests engaged with your event and making the night more memorable.