AM Ales & High Tea

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So this post is gonna suck.

There are a ton of beer companies coming out with signature brews to toast the royal wedding…it’s just that none of them are for sale in the U.S.! Boo!! I thought I’d post these creative beers – they may inspire some cute cocktail names!

(All beers found via: source)

But wait, there’s more! I don’t want to leave you all sad and pissy, so here is a drink you CAN make.

From The Telegraph (yo, this shit’s from the UK, so it’s legit), here’s the perfect recipe for a morning wedding viewing – An Earl Grey Tea Cocktail.

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail (copied from the Telegraph)

Serves 8

This can be served with gin or vodka


6 Earl Grey tea bags

50g granulated sugar (about a half a cup)

crushed ice

200ml gin or vodka (about 7 ounces)

juice of 1½ lemons

a few pinches of saffron, to garnish (optional)

1 Steep the tea bags in 200ml just-boiled water for 4 minutes, adding the sugar and stirring until dissolved. Remove the tea bags