G is for Girl Scout Cookies

Thursday, March 03, 2011

If hunting a Girl Scout was a possibility for a badge, I’d deserve it.

I’ve spent that last few weeks seeking out little girls (that sounds gross) selling the delicious goodies. I thought this would be an easy perk of living in suburbia, but it was totally a challenge.

Then, while making a trip to Sam’s Club for birthday party supplies, there is was (cue angelic music). That golden table of gals selling cookies. I knew I would need to hit this up on the way out.

I must admit, I was a Girl Scout for two years. I even went to a camp (hell). BUT, one thing I did dominate at was cookie selling. In fact, thanks to my mom, I was the number one seller and got a special badge for that. WINNING!

So in honor of those delicious, crunchy, sugary delights, I wanted to honor them with a liquid version this Thirsty Thursday.

I give you, the Dirty Girl Scout! (Ironically, this was one of my favorite shoes…in high school. Thanks, mom & dad!)

Dirty Girl Scout Recipe (recipe direct from Drinksmixer)
1 oz vodka

1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur

1 oz Bailey's Irish cream

1 oz white creme de menthe

Mix the vodka, kahlua and bailey's and pour over ice. Pour the creme de menthe down the center of the glass. Looks gross, but tastes delicious!