Thursday, March 24, 2011

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on Peeps, I wanted to share with you an awesome discovery for Thirsty Thursday – Peep Drinks.

This site is FULL of recipes that feature Peep garnishes. Here are some of my favorites.


 2oz Vodka

 1oz Cointreau

 1oz Cranberry

 splash of OJ

 splash of Rose’s Lime

 1 very sophisticated marshmallow peep

Mix as a martini, add pretense, garnish with peep.

Pear of Peeps Pair Martini

 2oz Pear-Infused Brandy

 4oz Ketel One Vodka

 1oz Dry Vermouth

 Ground Cinnamon

 2 peeps, still stuck together

Place cinnamon on a saucer. Wet the rim of the martini glass, and slide it around upside-down on the saucer to apply the cinnamon rim. Fill a large shaker with ice, and add all three ingredients. Strain into martini glass, carefully avoiding the cinnamon, and float two peeps on top as garnish.


 6oz Sauza Hornitos Tequila

 4oz Triple Sec or Cointreau

 2oz Grand Marnier

 4oz Lime juice

 2tbsp Confectioners’ sugar

 1 row of frozen peeps

 1 non-frozen peep (garnishes and other extras optional)

1. Fill a martini glass with crushed ice and cold water, to begin chilling the glass.

2. Over a small plate or cutting board, rub the whole row of peeps between your hands until the frozen and colored sugar coating rains onto the surface below. This will be a messy nuisance, getting all over your hands — just deal with it.

3. Fill a large shaker with ice cubes, add tequila and triple sec first, then lime juice and confectioners’ sugar (or substitute 2oz simple syrup).

4. Dump the icewater from the martini glass, and rub the upside-down glass in the “peep dust” to create the colored sugar rim.

5. Carefully refill the glass with crushed ice.

6. Shake the shaker, strain into martini glass over the crushed ice, and garnish as illustrated.

(all recipes and photos from PeepDrinks)