Reader (and non-reader) Mailbag

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


My good friends know that I’m an internet ninja – I’m a crazy searcher, but not at the hacker level…yet. So recently a few friends had asked me for some advice. Some questions I was able to answer…others, not so much. So I thought I would share my reader questions over the next few weeks and answer them!

Reader Question #1 – Aunt Donna

Q: Jim (her husband) and I received an invitation to a wedding. But we have no clue who the couple getting married is! We looked up their registry and still no clue. Any suggestions?

A: Like I told Aunt Donna, this happened to my mom recently, but it was a shower invitation. So Sue looked up the registry and found the groom’s name and realized it was her cousin’s son. Easy to not know who the chick is.

For Aunt Donna’s situation, I was a bit perplexed. Here’s my suggestions for her!

·         Look on to see if they have a wedding website.

·         Look up the people on Facebook.

o   If they show up, see if you have any mutual friends.

·         Search their names in Google. Maybe they have another website?

·         Check out the address on the reply card.

While my tips didn’t work, I’d love to hear if you all have any suggestions for Aunt Donna!

Oh and P.S. - isn't that invitation amazeballs? I've seen this done before where the couple (or bridezilla) includes sand on the inside the invitation box! Messy, but I can't diss someone that takes a theme to the extreme!