Some things never change

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In an effort to rid my life of clutter, I’ve been discarding a lot of things, including old notebooks.  
I stumbled upon this bedazzled gem from 2002 and well…some things really never change.

Exhibit #1 – the Hello Kitty folder. Yes, I still love HK. As I type, the folder looks smashing next to my HK mouse pad.

I was entering my senior year at WVU when I purchased this notebook. And…

Exhibit #2 – While it’s a bit difficult to read, among a list of my transfer credits and school to do’s, you will see this:

·         Welcome back pencils

·         Birthday Committee

·         Send practices with newsletter

·         Fashion show

·         Chi Omega pride day

·         Pledge class dinners

·         Hoots & salutes

·         Lunch

·         Themes:

o   Austin Powers

o   Jungle

Further proof that brainstorming party themes is always on my mind!  

Want some more ideas from my former 21–year-old self? Who knows, they may inspire your next get together!

·         Hold a random acts of kindness week – encourage people to do nice things for other

·         Play dodgeball

·         Have a teeter totter-a-thon. People get on a teeter totter for 30 minute shifts for 24 hours to raise money

·         BYOB Party – Bring your own banana. We’ll have the rest to make banana splits

·         How well do you know ___? Gather a personal item from people in your group/family, hold up the item and have people guess who’s it is. Signature pens, articles of clothing, baby pics

·         Date auction

·         Jello eating contest (we actually did red velvet cake instead ; )

·         Have a Willy Wonka contest – give prizes to someone that finds a golden ticket

·         Flamingo Hop: You pay $5 to put a flamingo in someone’s yard. They must pay $5 to send it back to another person

·         Auction Cool School Items: Parking passes, overnight at a rec center, be the school president for the day

·         Human Slot Machine: Three people, that can’t see each other, sit on a stage with a bucket of fruit. Someone places a bet. On cue, people pick up the fruit. If you get 3 of a kind, you win!

·         Rubber Duck Race: People buy ducks and you throw them into a river, the first one down wins!

·         NBA = no boys allowed

·         Phone number: 304.292.WINE