Monday, October 10, 2011

Shot of Brandi* went a little Euro over the last two weeks. Not only did I bring back some shot glasses, vintage jewelry and a cold, I also took some photo gifts for my readers. These are things that I spotted from afar that reminded me of my friends.

Don't be offended if I didn't find something for you. There was so much to see, I may have missed a hidden gem! 

For Reader Brian. As requested, jumping pictures. 

(Note that the second shot is of Abbey Road in London. It's a bit difficult to jump in this cross walk cars are coming at you)

For Reader Lindsay. Spotted in a tiny bar in the town of Killarney in Ireland.  

For Reader Lauren. Is LaGondala a chain? It looks so much nicer in Dublin! 

For Reader Amy. I was going to buy this for you, but I thought Reesie may get jealous. 

For Sometimes Reader Brady Carpenter (Trish - just tell him this is up here). Your first and last name are Irish. Here is what your full name, double crest would look like lol. 

For Reader Lynn Lai (aka Pecking Queen). I'm not sure if this is "THE" Boone Co., but it's close enough. Spotted in a Ireland bar. 

For Readers of Chi Omega. I present you with two treats. A Guinness Owl and...ME. In front of beheaded statues of Demeter and Persephone. I found it fittingly awesome that the statue that you can see on the left was the god of wine. 

We still have some pics to upload to the computer, so I may have some more treats for you! Also, I'm going to try and get all of my AwesomeVacationDiscoveries out of the way this week, so that I don't bore you forever!