Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great artists are often remembered for their masterpeices. But in order to make an awesome creation, you often produce some, well…duds.

Let’s just say that my take on a Kate Spade-inspired canvas just may have failed.  

The blogger being Mint Loves Social Club took a Kate Spade plate and made this canvas. Cute, right?

In our new pad, the hubs and I have a pale blue bedroom and charcoal grey bedspread. The only thing hanging on the walls are these Ikea mirrors.  

Wall art is an area where the hubs and I can’t agree on what we like, so I tried to DIY the canvas above, but use squares vs. the dots to match up with the mirrors. Oh and the wall in the bedroom came with two huge screws, so I had to make two canvas prints.

This is what I came up with.
Note that the one on the right is silver too - there's just some light bouncing off of it. 


Gosh, now that I'm putting this up for public scrutiny, I'm realizing that it sucks. 

The hubs HATED my first attempt where I left some white space at the top, so he talked me into adding more squares.

I need some honest reader reaction. Do the prints come down or not??