Crown Jewels

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On my London to do list was a trip to the famous Harrods department store. Brady was yawning, but I was all “this is a tourist attraction.” I know what he was thinking in his head – “no, this is her excuse to get me to go shopping.” Let’s just say he was super shocked when he realized that this massive building/department store WAS really a tourist attraction. When you enter a store and they have a “store guide” map of the ground, you know they mean business.

Other than the DesigerGoodsThatIWillNeverAfford and sections of the store called “Cosmetics Hall,” “The Gift Bureau” and “Pet Spa,” my favorite part of the store was the food court. I mean the depth of the delectable candy room was just insane. Truffles galore! I won’t even get into the prepared food (um, cavier!) or wine bar. 

We took a trip to the “Writing Room” where I discovered works by Anzu on display. Described as “Bejeweled Prints” these hand-decorated works of art feature Swarovski crystals on sketches of beautiful baubles.

These photos do not do the originals justice, but trust me – the real life prints are awesome.

Oh how I only wish they sold the prints online. Come on Anzu – set up an Etsy page!!