It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a….

Sunday, November 06, 2011

New blog header! Look up and check it out!

What do you all think? Love it, hate it? Well guess what – it’s stayin’ for awhile! (unless you seriously talk me out of it)

I feel it’s a little more me. Glitter, pink, cupcake, martini, rosette – my crap.

One more new addition. I’m on Tumblr. I know what you are thinking – Shot of Brandi…I follow you on Twitter, Pinterest and on this blog, why add something else?

Well I’ve been following a number of Tumblr sites for awhile now and I like the format. It’s really just for posting pictures of cool things – and when you see a pic on someone else’s Tumblr site that you like, you can reblog it super easy. There won’t be a lot of writing involved on my Tumblr site – just a lot of delicious pictures. So stop on over and check that out if you’d like! (right now I'm just getting started with some pretty pics that I've been collecting)

Oh and one more thing…without a lot of fanfare, I hit 500 posts. Seriously – thank you all for reading! I hope you continue to stop back!