Pumpkin Rumpshaker

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love fall. I love the leaves changing colors. I love sweatshirt weather. I love tailgating. I love football. And most of all, I love pumpkin-flavored food.

I know what you are thinking, it’s high in calories. Eff it. Just work out more.

When I saw a link out there that said “11 Ways to Use Canned Pumpkin” I just had to click. This cocktail recipe is something that I just can’t wait to try, so I had to share this today knowing that there may be some good opportunities to make it in the next week (The Night Before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Tuesday – just because! etc.)

Pumpkin Rumshake (from Bon App)
In a blender, combine canned pumpkin, ground nutmeg, vanilla ice cream, milk and rum. Blend until smooth, adding ice cubes for a more frozen consistency, if needed.


So yeah, it’s annoying that Bon App doesn’t give measurements for this. I guess they think we are all pro chefs! So what I recommend is eyeballing it. I’m thinking 1 smaller can of pumpkin, a teaspoon of nutmeg and then maybe a 1-1 ratio of the rest to the pumpkin (it’s got a strong taste), but a little less than a cup of rum. It will make several batches.

(image via Bon App)