What a Catch

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A few weeks ago, I went all fancy chef on Brady and prepared my first lobster tail. Let me tell you – this was SO EASY to do, I just had to share!


Here’s my step by step:
·         Purchase lobster tail (PGH friends –  you likely know this, but Wholey’s is the most awesomest place to purchase fish!)
·         Thaw the tail if needed under hot water
·         Place the lobster tail on its belly and cut the shell down the back

Cutting the tail (and drinking wine)

·         Open the tail and meat “like the Red Lobster commercials” (that’s what my Wholey’s dude told me)
·         Melt some butter and drizzle it on the tail (or mix up your own seasoning)
·         Place the tail into a steamer (I had to buy one! Should have registered for it!)
·         For a 4 oz tail, you steam it for about 12 minutes (the meat should be white)


Finished product!

SO EASY, RIGHT!? Next time I think I'm going to whip up some of those Red Lobster biscuits

For more official tips, I consulted the wonderful LobsterHelp.com when cooking!