Will You Sign My Yearbook?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

While this may not pertain to a lot of my readers, an idea hit me the other day that was too good not to share.

A few years ago at a cousin’s high school graduation party, after a few adult beverages my sister and I decided to recreate our senior pictures. You know, the ones where you are cuddling a tree or posing up against it with your arms crossed. Or if you are like my husband, resting your arms on a stack of books (ha.). Our little session took off and aunts and uncles joined in on the fun.

With the popularity of photo booths, it got me thinking – why not bring this concept to a graduation party with props!

To execute this, all you need is a white backdrop, props and a camera. You can even take it a step further by hiring an aspiring photographer to take pictures of your guests as a memento.

Some prop through starters:
·         Pom Poms
·         Football
·         Musical instrument
·         Books
·         Basketball
·         Baton (shout out to all of my former majorettes!)

After the party, you can turn the pictures into a fun “yearbook” keepsake for the grad!

Maybe you can pass this on to someone planning a high school grad party! Or maybe a class reunion?

To bring this post to life, I thought it would be fun to feature some "Do's" from my friends' / readers' senior photos. But looking through them, I must say that my friends kept it pretty safe - not going too cheesy. HOWEVER, I did pull two good examples of senior photos. One of which I may get shot for (or forced to do a shot). I just wish I had her ex-boyfriends pic...