Get your SWAG on and go HAM because YOLO

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I always say in my next life I’m going to come back as a rapper. OR in this life, if I’m ever forced to try out for a reality singing competition, I’d rap (or just bust out my rendition of the Double Dutch Bus).

This is  would be my kinda gangster accessory! Oh and mine would shoot water...obvi. 

So today, I’m going to go HAM and educate you all on the latest rap lingo so that you too can be hip with the kids. So pop your grill in and let’s go!

o   This is one of my favorite buzz words right now. It hit mainstream popularity from the Drake song “The Motto”
o   Two special shout outs on this one Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans for getting a YOLO boob tat and another to reader Trish for finding the sweet shirt to accompany this post. I may also note that Trish and I spent a recent Saturday yelling YOLO at people in Pittsburgh. Why? Because YOLO.

·       Swag
o   This word has been around for ages and more recently made popular by the song “Swagger Like Us,” by Jay-Z & friends, but this summer its taking off thanks to another song by one Justin Bieber. In the song “Boyfriend” the Biebs says “swag, swag, swag…” in a whisper.
o   This is an easy one to define – swag is your style or appearance.

·       HAM = Hard as a M*&%$#F&*@ER (fill in the blanks there)
o   Thanks to reader Lindsay for introducing me to this one (that I had to Google).
o   This one is a bit more tough to put into everyday talk, but you could drop a little “Last night we went out HAM” – I don’t know….it still makes me think of ham….the food…and I don’t really like it that much….

·       SMH = Shaking My Head
o   This is more of a Twitter/Blog/Text slang
o   I personally am not a fan of this one for 2 reasons. 1. I think it sounds like the acronym of a catholic high school OR 2. I guess because I’d wouldn’t really shake my head in person to you, so why Tweet/Blog/Text it? It’s not like LOL because I really LOL

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