London's Calling: Party Like a Champion

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I make a lot of true confessions on this blog. As they say, don’t share something online unless you would share it with someone in public. Well this I would.

I get the majority of my news from a United Kingdom newspaper – The Daily Mail. I started reading it around the Royal Wedding and then fell in love. I get directed to the US page and they include top news stories and celebrity gossip in such a cool format – with a lot of pics – great for us visual people. I’ve now turned at least six people on to the site as well.

Don’t worry – I haven’t picked up a faux British accent just yet, but I do admire their style and I love me a good Pimm’s Cup.

If there wasn’t been enough cool stuff going on in London (Jubilee!), the Olympics are starting in a few weeks. So here are some “expert” tips from a wanna-be British gal for an Olympics party!

·         Invitations
o   I love a good invitation and I love Paperless Post. Seriously, I’ve become an unofficial brand spokesperson. I downloaded the app and it’s awesome to pull up who’s coming to your party on the spot. Well P² didn’t let me down with some festive electronic invites! This is a last minute shin-dig – stick to an email.  
o   On the invitation, ask your friends to RSVP with their favorite athlete or sport – use this to help fuel your décor!
o   In pervious Shot of B posts, I covered the Beer Olympics if you are looking for another twist on the traditional Olympic party!

·         Food
o   What’s on the Smithkowski watching list? Fish & chips!
o   You know, Brits really aren’t known for their food. Yeah, we ate at some good places, but let’s just say London isn’t the culinary capital of the worlds. BUT I’m all about being festive here, so some other dishes for your party menu:
§  English Breakfast Tea
§  Cadbury’s Chocolate
§  Recipes from English chef’s like Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver or Robert Irvine

·         Drinks
o   Hands down your cocktail needs to be a Pimms Cup. See my previous post.
o   I found this cocktail on Ryan Seacret’s website (weird, right?) on the NBC Olympics page. I don’t know what it is, but let’s pretend that it’s bubbly with some gummy Life Saver rings. Fun, right?
o   So athletes like Gatorade. It’s fine to have some on hand at your event, BUT why not mix it with alcohol! Here are a TON of spiked Gatorade recipes. (photo credit)  


o   Dust off your 4th of July flair and bring out your royal wedding goodies – this party is all about the red white and blue. Think American Flags with the UK Union Jack.
o   I love this little red and white striped party bag from the TomKat shop. I would stamp some stars on the white part to resemble more of a US flag!
o   You know the famous Keep Calm and Carry On posters? Design your own sports-related ones! (source: Keep Calm at the Olympics and Keep Calm and Go For The Gold)
o   No Olympic party is complete without some gold medals 
o   A tuxedo shirt always takes a party up a notch, BUT for the Olympics, you need one of these faux gold medal shirts. This one is from Etsy, but I also recommend DIYing it yourself : )
o   If you really want to go for the gold with your décor, check out these balloon Olympic rings from Balloonacy.

·         Additional Flair
o   It’s reported that Sir Paul McCartney is going to perform at the opening ceremony on Friday. Break out some Beatles tunes for your party (and maybe some Elton John & Ellie Goulding too!)
o   The Gap has these cute Olympic-themed shirts
o   Are you on Kate Middleton fashion watch like me? I can already predict that she will likely recycle this, this and this, BUT if you want to know what events she is schedule to appear at, here you go!
o   Speaking of Royalty, catch up on the Queen’s bling with this past post.