Making it Rain for HayDay

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A week ago today was reader Dana’s bridal shower here in Pittsburgh.  The local bridesmaids (including myself) and the MOB hosted a shower for Miss D. Here are a few details that I wanted to share for you to steal!

Dana is marrying Hayden. They live in Los Angeles. So of course her friends have given them a celebrity couple name – HayDay (DAY just also happen to be her current initials!). Dana has branded a few wedding details with “Love, Hayday” so I crafted some glitter letters for the shower (and potential incorporation at the wedding). These were super easy to make and during the process unearthed my new favorite crafting supply – Martha Stewart glitter finish.

The wedding is in Aruba, so HayDay plan to incorporate a little Hollywood stars with beach fish for a big of a starfish theme. The shower centerpieces featured some bedazzled starfish, while the favors were starfish bottle openers – an AWESOME find by Reader Bridesmaid Lindsay.

A few years ago, Dana made us all wish bracelets for Christmas, so Reader Bridesmaid Lindsay wanted to incorporate them into the shower. Lindsay suggested we purchase them from Etsy, but I said heck no and made them. SO easy – some 39 cent string from JoAnne’s and starfish from Oriental Trading – DONE.

After lunch, we celebrated Dana’s last single night in Pittsburgh with a night out on the town. Dana and Hayden got engaged in New Orleans, so we started the night off at NOLA – a New Orleans-themed restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. We noshed on southern food and drinks while we donned festive garb.

As co-MOH of this bridal PARTY, I must say after this super fun day I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming HayDay nuptials!