Tailgating Week: Supplies!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Now that we have the tailgating food covered, let’s take a step back and think – what do you need to make your tailgate successful?

  1.  Chairs – Bag chairs have been a staple in my family for more than 10 years now. They are PERFECT for tailgates!
  2. A table – You need a place to put all the food and your trunk just won’t do. Shot of Mom purchased this table as a shower gift for former Reader Bubba. It folds up so that it can fit in your car and it’s cute!
  3. Accessories – my list of random must haves includes koozies, toilet paper (take some sheets with you to that stinky port-a-potty OR for an emergency pop-a-squat), flask (with funnel) wet wipes, paper towels, plastic shot glasses
  4. Cooking supplies – if you are like my parents and want to serve hot food, a propane crock pot is a MUST.
  5. Garbage bags – It’s a proper tailgating rule to clean up after yourself, so garbage bags are a must. Walking through Target, I spotted these pop up trash bins from Flings. You can even divide your recyclables!

And for future tailgates, I think the Smithkowski’s need this tailgating bar and beverage dispenser