Throw Some Confetti, Make It Rain

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

During some daydreaming today, I started thinking about confetti. Yes, confetti. The kind that you throw in the air to celebrate something OR place in holiday cards to make the recipient angry?

I have a minor obsession with confetti. It would be a major obsession, but confetti was also on the banned substance list at my parents’ house growing up. At first I would use a hole puncher to make it. Then I upgraded to a spaghetti maker. Did you know that you could put an 8X10 piece of paper into it and it would make long strips. THEN if you turned the strips sideways, it would them make the most perfect square?

Moving on.

Ironically later today, I saw this invitation that included controlled confetti and it got me thinking – what other type of confetti items were on Etsy. I’m sharing my findings with you now. NOTE: all of this is TOALLY makeable with the right hole punch, paper and patience!