Gift A Day #20: Holiday Spirits

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keeping it real with the gifts you can buy locally, this Thirsty Thursday, I’d like to feature some liquors to keep your gift recipient’s “spirits” bright!\

·         Great Lakes Christmas Ale: A favorite of the Smithkowski’s! In fact, we visited the brewery this past Monday!
·         Grey Goose Gift Set: You can never go wrong with vodka.
·         When in doubt, go with a liquor store gift card!
·         St. Germain: My favorite liqueur, this is fantastic in champagne or prosecco.
·         Veuve Clicquot: If you are going to go champagne, go Veuve. It’s really worth the price!
·         Crown Royal Maple: While Crown is sometimes considered a man’s drink (except for Reader Lauren), this maple flavor is rather tasty on the rocks!