Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift A Day #20: Holiday Spirits

Keeping it real with the gifts you can buy locally, this Thirsty Thursday, I’d like to feature some liquors to keep your gift recipient’s “spirits” bright!\

·         Great Lakes Christmas Ale: A favorite of the Smithkowski’s! In fact, we visited the brewery this past Monday!
·         Grey Goose Gift Set: You can never go wrong with vodka.
·         When in doubt, go with a liquor store gift card!
·         St. Germain: My favorite liqueur, this is fantastic in champagne or prosecco.
·         Veuve Clicquot: If you are going to go champagne, go Veuve. It’s really worth the price!
·         Crown Royal Maple: While Crown is sometimes considered a man’s drink (except for Reader Lauren), this maple flavor is rather tasty on the rocks! 

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