Gifts Under $50

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Did you know if you go to the Wikipedia page for the $50 bill, it says that Bill Murray’s face is on the cash? Yes, like Bill Murray the actor! Today’s lesson is that you can’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia!

Anyways, the true answer is Ulysses S. Grant! Another truth? Everything below is $50 or under!

·         Grid-It iPad Case from Flight 001: I spotted this awesome invention in People mag. Perfect for someone that travels a lot, this iPad case holds all of your cords in one place!
·         iPod Shuffle: Awesomely priced under $50, this is a great addition to a regular iPod specifically for working out.
·         Hello Kitty Chia Pet: This is one of my fav HK items that I’ve seen this year. I’d put it on my own list, but I kill plants.
·         Gap PJ’s: So I had some major coupon last month and bought these. Let me tell you that I want them in every color. They are the softest, most amazing pair of PJ’s ever!
·         Owl Speaker: We have an iPod dock alarm clock and computers, but sometimes I want to jam out to my tunes while I’m cooking. That’s why I put one of these hooters on my list! Part décor + part functional = rock ‘n roll