Gifts Under $25

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gifts under $25 are a bit easier than $10, but not as easy as under $50. I feel like $25 is a good price point for hostesses and friends, so I tried to include items for those people! 

·         Syrup Sampler: Super cute for a hostess gift. Pair it with some pancake mix that the hostess can cook up while nursing that party hangover!
·         Map: I LOVE the idea of placing this map on a corkboard and then adding pushpins for places that you’ve traveled!
·         Customized Paper Doll: You know how I kind of have a thing for paper dolls? Well how cute are these personalized ones! I spotted this find in Real Simple!
·         Tiffany Wine Tumblers: That blue box will thrill any recipient and also surprise people that you can get a gift from Tiffany & Co. under $25!
·         Suri’s Burn Book: LOVE this blog and saw the book the other day and it’s adorable! 
Unknown said...

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