Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: 'Merica

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Maybe it was the lack of solid sleep, but I spent some time thinking of a good theme for this year’s Shot of Brandi* Holiday Gift Guide and I was feeling a little uninspired. I’ve done a lot of different themes over the year and just couldn’t think of something good for 2015.

Then I found some inspiration in my daily routine in the form of Al Roker. This week Al set a Guinness World Record by broadcasting the weather from each of the 50 states in seven days. I then thought, what if I did 50 blog posts with gift ideas inspired by every state. This is a bit crazy, but if Al can travel to every state, I can create a few gifts inspired by each state.

Sit back and enjoy some over posting!

Let’s kick things off today with some general USA gifts.

  1. This USA Ice Cube Tray could be fun for any gathering when you challenge your guests to guess what state is in their cup. I feel bad for those that get North and South Dakota and Wyoming.
  2. If your “honey” likes honey, here’s a variety of honeys from around the US.
  3. I love this super cute book from Anthropologie with beautiful illustrations and facts about each state.
  4. Not only is this USA wooden puzzle from Land of Nod adorable, but it’s also an educational gift! And let me tell you some adults (like myself) could use a refresher on the 50 states and where they are located!
  5. For our 5th anniversary this year, the hubs got this wooden beer cap holder for his someday man cave. Wood is the traditional gift for a five year anniversary!