Dancing Queen: Dance Class Treat

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

We are closing out another year of dance class and that calls for a celebration! I’m always trying to brainstorm ideas for a class treat that isn’t just a piece of candy. I know that some schools request a non-food treat and that can be tricky for parents too!

With the help of my almost 4-year-old, we picked out these princess crowns from Amazon that come with a small wand and ring. I put the want and ring into a bag and tied them to the crown with a bow and card.

BTW - is TGFA a thing? Can it be? TGFA = Thank god for Amazon!

For the card, I wanted something clever that tied the item into dance class - so low and behold, I give you - DANCING QUEEN! Lol. I purchased the crown clip art from Etsy. Paper Sphinx is my go-to for clip art!

Anyways, this was an easy, cute, item for those end of year dance class favors!