What I’m Doing While Not Blogging Part 2: Crafting

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

When my daughter was a baby, we started doing a Mother’s Day craft together for her grandma’s and great-grandma’s. Keeping the tradition alive, this year we made succulent vases!

I picked up a 4-pack of these ceramic vases, gave the kid some acrylic paints (i’m crazy) and let her have at it without much instruction (i.e. don’t get paint on my table). 

She chose to paint each vase 1 color. Once they dried from the multiple coats of paint the kid used, we added some flair. I used a hot glue gun to add the gems, but the kid picked them and told me where to glue! 

I found the mini succulents at Home Depot!

I added a little homemade Q&A card with each gift and voila! A homemade Mother’s Day gift!

We started crafting for the "pun-niest" party that I've ever hosted - my daughter's 4th birthday! I can't wait to share with you the details!