Dating is like…

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today my friend … let’s just call him/her “B” (I love a good “Gossip Girl” episode) was talking to me about their problems dating. B goes to the bar, meets a nice person, gets all excited and then by the third date, B finds out that the person sucks.

So in today’s therapy session, I told B that dating to me is like picking a salad dressing. I guess I really can’t compare dating to dating because I haven’t been on a date with someone other than Brady or my gay friend Brian in almost five years. So, I compare dating to shopping for salad dressing.

I love to eat salads. But I am uber picky when it comes to the dressing. I stand in the extensive salad dressing aisle spending a long time trying to pick the right one. I am not afraid to try a new one, so I check out, take it home and lick it.

See – exactly like dating.

You are uber picky, but you are at the bar (as in club, not salad bar). You scope the room where there is a plethora of people to eye f*ck. You spend a long time trying to make a connection and it works. You decide which one you are going to try, check out (pay your bill), take he/she home and lick it.

If you are ever in my apartment, take a look at my salad dressing rack. I have a ton of bottles that are pretty unused. Exactly like dating. You have to try out a lot of bottles before you find the right one – especially if you are trying to meet someone at a club/grocery store aisle. Don’t give up. I’ve heard both have worked

Please Note: This blog isn’t turning into relationship advice. I posted this on the request of B.

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