Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I shouldn’t complain.

I’ve lived in Chicago long enough to know that just because it’s past the start of spring that doesn’t mean its going to be warm. Or even stop snowing.

Today, I went through 11 outfit changes before I decided what to wear to work. Brady and my Anthropoligie girls can attest that I am not lacking an empty closet(s), rather I am just so sick of winter clothes. I want to wear flip flops and dresses. Not all black, Uggs and a down coat.

Physically I’ve started channeling spring. Last week I wore some baby blue and some ballet flats with out socks. But then when Pete Sack (my trusty meteorologist) told me that it was going to hit the upper 50’s I adorned a skirt to work with no tights and Uggs (for the commute). What Pete didn’t mention was the 40 mph winds that made it really feel like it was in the 20’s. Let’s just say I am happy I made it home with two legs. I thought I needed to stop with and get treated for hypotherma at Northwestern.

J Bo and I were discussing what to wear to an outdoor wedding in May, so I’ve decided to channel spring today with dresses I wish I could wear right now.

I love this Saffron Step Dress (above) from Anthropologie. At a price point of $138, it’s a little lower than most of the non-sale dresses at Anthro. This dress needs spring because it’s a little too bright when everyone around you is wearing black.

Department stores and I have been at a war for years. I don’t’ know why, but I just never find what I want, the sales people are old and the store is always messy. However, this dress by To The Max (right) sold in Nordstrom is very cute and a steal at $118. I would totally rock this with my gladiator flats!

BCBG is a go-to source for cute dresses. I love this Taffeta Dress (left) because it screams spring. There are flowers, pastels and a short hem line. While the price point is high ($340) you can always get good sales!

If I didn’t work in PR and say I was a trader, I would totally rock Phillip Lim 3.1 during all weekend outings. I love his line of cocktail dresses each season. My favorite right now is this yellow number (left), BUT in pale green (I couldn’t find the image). However, I could pay my full rent for a month or have this dress. So sad.

(Photos from Anthropologie.com, BGBC.com, nordstrom.com net-a-porter.com)