Tip, Tips, Tips

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I have my entertaining guru hat (aka party hat) on today and need to make a curriculum for some bartender to teach a class of women how to be a better at home bartender. Here are some of the tips we are including in the plan.

* I LOVE theme parties. If I wasn’t going to Pittsburgh, I had all intentions of planning a Kentucky Derby party just so I could get a big hat. Well, a tip if you are hosting a theme party. Make sure it lasts all night long so that guests don’t’ have to go out after in their silly outfits. College is over. People don't want to see you at a bar dressed like a schoolgirl

* Spills will happen! Keep an “accident bucket” close with paper towels, stain removing pens, carpet cleaner and air freshner. This also makes a cute hostess gift
* There is nothing better than walking into a great smelling home. I like those that smell normal - not like crazy scents. If you are using multiple candles, make sure they are all the same scent or they complement each other. Select a candle scent everyone will like, such as a simple vanilla. Keep the scented candles away from the food table! Don’t forget to do a sweep of your home before the night is over to make sure all candles are blown out.
Also, I was once at a candle party in which the host had a really good tip. Keep candles away from the back seat of the toilet. You don’t want girls with long hair to lay their mane in the flame
* If you are like me, most parties you attend are co-ed, there is a lot of beer or BYOB. If you are hosing a party, consider having a “house drink” as the dude’s version of a signature cocktail. It also helps make a woman created party much more male user friendly. Serving classic spirits like a Manhattan, CC & Seven or a plata tequila for shots will really help you score points with the guys
* When the Bonkowski Family entertains at home, we do it in a bi-level house. To help with clean up, its best to keep a plastic bin on hand to put dirty dishes in to avoid unnecessary trips up and down the steps.

By the way, we paid some lady over $30K to act as the onscreen face of a program in which my work-wife and I created all the tips for. Please keep that in mind when you say how much you love Preston Bailey and Mindy Weiss. Sometimes they are just the face.