You Can’t Drink All Day if You Don’t Start in the Morning

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So I survived another Chicago St. Patrick’s Day.

This year outdid the last with the addition of Brady’s friends from New Jersey and what could be Dana’s last weekend out before hitting up the Cirque Lodge in Utah. Oh and Speiler - Miley Cyrus called. She wants her peace sign back.

If I had to recap what I remember from the weekend, I think it would be summed up best by the following list.

Top Five Moments from St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago 2008:

5. Geek Chic. On Friday night, Dana, Lindsey, Brian and myself out drank the Jersey Boys by heading to our fifth drinking establishment of the night – Rockit. Brian and I grabbed a beer at the downstairs bar, while Dana and Lindsey went pee. Speaking of which, I remember going to the ladies room myself and there was no TP. Why have a bathroom attendant where they don’t’ do their job. Anyways, Brian and I proceed upstairs where we find Dana and Lindsey in this small, private area I didn’t know existed. Brian then said “Why does Dana come to Chicago for 5 minutes and she is cooler than us?” She may be cooler, but I would kick her *ss (see #3).

4. The Bonkowski’s: We Pre-Game like you Party. So it’s no lie my parents like to drink. While they went home a little early on Friday, they made up for it by beating us all to kegs and eggs on Saturday morning. Sue was also fixing up some cocktails while they wanted to go to the dying of the river AND carried a bottle of Effen in her purse all day. The best quote came when my mom was feeling a little tired and said, “I think I need a Diet Coke…or some Jaeger Bombs.” She proceeded to order the later of the two. Stay tuned for a video of my dad dancing.

3. Brandi vs. Dana. So I have these new habits that no one noticed where I obsessively squint my eyes and overly use the word like. Dana feels the need to obsessively call me out on these things and after too many green beers I threaten her. It went a little something like this: “Dana, if you don’t shut the f*uck up, I am going to rip out your fake hair and hand it from that disco ball.” That shut her up. I would also like to say Dana almost fought a women’s softball team.

2. Gettin’ Lucky (blind item). While this weekend wasn’t Girls’ Gone Wild, someone out of our group managed to get some. After at least six Jaeger Bombs courtsey of my mother. AND the two were even seen swapping spit in public!

1. Consuming alcohol for 28+ hours. So I counted the amount of time we spent drinking and it hit a high. It wasn’t just green beer. There were Apple-tini’s, Effen Black Cherry, Patron shots, Jaeger Bombs, Crown Royal on the rocks, Red Headed Sluts, Washington Apples…the list goes on.

Who’s coming next year?!

(photos from Brandi*)