It Ain't Easy Being Green

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As I mentioned yesterday, Going Green is the Chic thing to do. Here are the baby steps I am taking to become more eco-friendly.

1. Walking to Work: For the last three weeks, I’ve rode the bus about 3 times MAX. Dude - I like barley even have a carbon footprint (see - I am gettin' down with the green lingo!)

2. My Ride (left): In addition to all of my walking, my car, I mean CARt is very eco-friendly. On the way back from Whole Foods on Sunday, a Ferarri wanted to race. No lie, ask Brady. The owner was revving up his engine. He wanted a piece of the homeless cart.

3. Do Not Mail Lists: I’ve registered my name on a Do Not Mail list and also signed up for this site that says they will not send those stupid credit card mailings:

4. Paper, NOT Plastic: I try to get paper bags (or none!) if possible at the store.

5. Buying Local: Hello Division Street Farmer’s Market! I can’t wait until this summer and I can purchase my annual goods on the street. I love the fresh lettuce, watermelon, flowers and Pasta by Sue!

Happy Earth Day!
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