Why Didn't I Think of That

Friday, April 25, 2008

So if you've had the privilege of chatting with me in the last 24-hours (that includes David and Bridget - my friends from the Bridges Hotel Bar at the New York Hilton), then you are probably expecting me to pen an open letter to Bethany Frankel from that stupid housewife show.


I am not going to relive that nightmare.

Instead, I am going to share with you some three ideas that I wish I could have come up with so that I could quit dealing with stupid people.

1. Magnificent Milestones: This place is my dream job/company. They have an uber-cute, trendy space in Chicago where they host birthday parties, showers, gatherings - you name it. I love the invitation making party idea, however I would totally have this around Christmas! During the day, they sell small things, like stationary, invitations and small goods. Reader Amy, her mom and I will some day own a place like this, but ours will have its own unique things that I am not going to reveal for fear of one of my 8 readers stealing the idea. http://www.magnificentmilestones.com/

2. Cupcake Bar: My obsession is getting out of hand. So these two chicks in Austin, TX came up with this super cute concept. The supply you with plain cupcakes and you let your guests do the decorating/personalization. There are a plethora of splendid toppings like Pop Rocks, Gummies, sugar, malt balls...the list goes on. http://www.thecupcakebaraustin.com/

With people owning the whole "bar" idea, it further proves my theory that any party can have a DIY bar. This will be a future post, but just think about the endless possibilities. Taco Bar, Make-Your-Own Pizza Bar, Popcorn Bar, Candy Bar, Nacho Bar, Ice Cream Sundae Bar...

3. Mentos Explosion: While I've never tried this myself, I would have loved to be part of this "science experiment." In the UK, 1,500 kids got together and tried to break the record for the biggest coke/mentos explosion.

(sources & photos: thecupcakebaraustin.com, telegraph.co.uk)