Sacks & the City

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This weekend, Brady and I are hosting Shot of Brandi* reader Jason Sacks. He is coming to Chicago for a glorious 3 night, 4 day stay at Chateau de Scott (aka 65 E. Scott).

Brady thinks I go a little overboard when guests come to make sure the place is in tip, top shape. Little does he know, I could go way further.

In honor of Sacks’ arrival, I posted some tips below for entertaining out-of-town guests. Sorry for those who have visited without me pulling out these stops!

Create a Welcome Basket: When I was hosting a representative from Guinness World Records in Vegas on behalf of my client, I put together the best city-specific welcome bag. Inside was welcome note on a Las Vegas postcard, bottled water, Advil, band-aids, playing cards, cookies, crackers, and Visa gift cards. I recommend doing this for guests that arrive for trips where there is a lot of walking or drinking.

Plan, Plan, Plan: Find out in advance what your guests want to do. If they are really indecisive, then send over five dinner options and the web site links and have them pick! Do the same with local attractions.

Banish Clutter: There is nothing I hate more than piles of clutter. Right now, I admit that I have magazine piles out, but that is because I am reading them one last time before I toss them. One of my biggest peeves is piles of stupid mail. Just toss the dumb credit card applications right away rather than let them sit on the kitchen table for ages.

Reminders: Some neighborhoods or apartments have little quarks. Don’t forget to tell your guests about these. For example, the garbage company comes to my building at 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. So annoying, but it is nice to give guests a heads up that they will hear this loud noise. It is also good to mention if the sun shines in the room or if the temperature changes drastically.

Snacks: Okay, I usually hate the word “snacks.” It’s on my list of horrible words with “ranch” and “roast beef.” But when you have guest coming, make sure you have some popcorn, chips and most of all breakfast items like bagels, cereal and milk.

Extra Bonuses! Think of all of the things hotel rooms have now…alarm clocks, hair dryers, reading material, luggage racks/hangers, etc. Before your guests come, remind them of the items that you have that they don’t need to pack. I hate schlepping a hair dryer around. You will also be the hostess with the mostess if you keep an extra tooth brush handy!

Of course there are more tips, but these are a few of my favorite ones! Oh and Sacks - you aren't getting a welcome basket. Sorry!

Feel free to book your trip to my lovely two-room apartment ASAP!

(photo from 65 E. Scott)