Friday, April 18, 2008

As I walked to work this week, I officially started to see signs of spring in Chicago. The dogs are out, sidewalks being washed, flowers planted and the homeless have emerged.

When I think of spring, I think of the preppy look. I am not talking Zack Morris preppy, but rather plaids and pastels – that country club chic look.

So in honor of spring’s arrival, here are my preppy picks.

First, I must start out with some preppy apparel. Northing screams prep more than Lacoste. While they are notorious for their polos, this dress is adorable.

While real preps drive around in a Benz or a BMW, I want something else that begins with a B…a BIKE. Ever since I saw an episode of Newport Harbor where the one main chick was riding a retro bike, I’ve wanted one. No, not just because she had one, but because I don’t like those manly mountain bikes. This Schwinn Cruiser is totally more me.

I am OBSESSED with picnics. While my boyfriend refuses to picnic with me (come on Brady, we have a beach in our backyard!), I saw this Martha Stewart basket at Macy’s and almost splurged. Now that this is on sale, it will find a way to 65 E. Scott very soon.

“Prep” – this book from Curtis Sittenfeld is an easy, adorable read. Its about a small town girl who gets the opportunity to go to a East Coast prep school. It goes through high school stereotypes in a much cooler way than “High School Musical.” I believe I heard they are trying to make it a movie as well, so read it before they ruin it with a lead character like Hilary Duff.

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